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About Us

SMURF-GOD ELO Boosting is a studio that specializes in providing League of Legends game leveling and playing together services. Established in North America at the time of S3, it has a wealth of historical experience and rich accumulation.
The original intention of establishing this studio is to allow more players to play more professionally on the road of games and to help more players get high points. Holding the philosophy of serving customers, the studio is committed to providing better services for players.
Our studio has a large scale, with a professional management team and skilled trainers and playing together members. We have a clear division of labor and have different modes such as online and offline business, and one-to-one training services. In our studio, players and professional team can discuss together to obtain experience and sum up wisdom.
Our studio has more than 400 professional online masters and king-level trainers, and about 15 dual-server offline master king-level trainers. As we all know, League of Legends is a competitive game between both parties. If you want to make a difference, you must have a sense of teamwork and hold an ability to consider comprehensively. These things on the level of mind are not easy to have. Only by continuous training, continuous failure, summary, and failure can you acquire these.
Therefore, it is necessary to constantly make efforts to practice. After each competition with professionals, it is important to sum up the experience of success and failure as well as the reasons for winning or losing. Based on that and the philosophy of serving customers, SMURF-GOD lol game leveling studio has developed comprehensive and professional sections.
The most important thing is that each section corresponding to League of Legends has a corresponding game leveling playing together section. Specifically, there are single and double qualifying coaches, single and double Rank game leveling and the famous Genting Game game leveling. Our studio members not only include male playing together partners, but also female playing together partners. Everyone has superb skills and possesses unique skills, that is to say, one equals ten. Our studio is truly the ultimate and best practice playing together team.
Our studio wants to go longer and further on this road, and this requires our own corporate planning and corporate culture. In line with the purpose of serving every player, we have online customer service, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thus, all questions from players can be answered conveniently and quickly at anytime and anywhere. To choose SMURF-GOD is to choose victory.
What is ELO Boost?
Elo means that ranking scores increase as you compete and win. To ascend means to increase. Using Elo Boost, can improve your RANK score in a reasonable way in a short period of time.

Don't you want to immediately try to use our Elo Boost service to quickly improve the league?

In our League of Legends ELO BOOST service, our coaches will rely on many years of LoL experience to ensure the growth of your account alliance and ensure that it will be completed as soon as possible. Since the service comes from us, you can customize the summoner's skill location such as flash and ignite. You can choose which D or F key to use. In this way, It looks like you're playing, not someone else

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